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9th-Sep-2013 06:57 pm - Update to end all updates
Kfashion | FunFunGirl | Booked
*clears throat* well this is awkward.
Ohoho, it has been a while.
I made this journal in June of 2009 and I made my first icon post in December of 2009.
Back then I was a freshman in high school, and today I'm a freshman in college.
I don't know where I'm going with this, but um, thank you.
Thank you for teaching me so much. Thank you for all the positivity. Thank you ro growing up with me. Thank you for everything.
I haven't made a post in two years, but I've still been around just watching as people I used to talk you move forward and their lives.
And it's so crazy to think that at one point this was my life. It was great while it lasted :D

So with that I'm decided that I'm putting this journal on a permanent-hiatus.
This just means that I don't plan on making new icons anytime soon or ever. Although I want to, I doubt it'll ever happen between school, work, and actual life in general.  I'm gonna miss it :(
However, rules will still apply. That is, if anyone even cares to see my old icons. I still log on everyday to check omona and stuff so I'll see comments or messages.
I wish you all the best! You can find all my current links here :D

~ Des

ps. if you guys are ever going through my posts and icons are missing pleeaaase tell me and i'll fix it!
1st-Jan-2013 11:51 am - Friends Only
KFashion | FunFunGirl | Hiding

This journal will be friend locked
Please read my friending rules here
All of my work will be public for 72 hours, then it will be locked.
Don't just add me. Its weird when random people add me.
Send me a message or leave a comment here and then I'll add you.
Also, if I add you and I see that you're not crediting, imma whoop dat ass I'll delete you

I'm really not trying to come off rude here but its frustrating when people don't give you the credit you deserve, please respect this.

22nd-Jul-2010 12:05 am - tell me your wish~~
Kfashion | FunFunGirl | Booked


I've been gone for a few weeks and haven't done much. I probably wont post anything till Monday or Tuesday (26th & 27th) Because I have something for school.
What I need you guys to do is tell me what you want. Soshi, D-NA, etc. Like that.
So I guess this is a request post... And I'll just have request pick ups...
It depends on how many people actually reply whether I do them individually.
LUCIFER icons are a given. F(x) icons are a given. duhh
But yeah... I'm losing my touch :/
ohohoh and this includes wallpapers and things other than icons.
Sowoneul Malhaebwaaaaah~~


22nd-Jun-2010 12:17 pm - Because I Just Noticed
Kfashion | FunFunGirl | Booked
Fer shizzle.
And thanks to the people who are using my graphics.
I feel accomplished when I see my work around LJ in places like [info]omonatheydidnt
Thanks so much peeps :DDD
22nd-Jun-2010 10:08 am - ★016 SM Pahhhhrtay
Kfashion | FunFunGirl | Booked
[16] f(x)
[28] Super Junior
[24] SNSD

bona-nu ab-oh!Collapse )
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